About Us

About Us

In March of 1973 Howard Lisk, Sr. and his sons Howard Lisk, Jr. and Bruce Lisk purchased a tri-axle dump truck, two tractors and four flatbed trailers to start a trucking company. Their first customer was Carolina Concrete Pipe of Charlotte, North Carolina. In January of 1974 Howard Lisk and Sons became the sole carrier for Carolina Concrete Pipe. In the following years the company expanded into the dry bulk industry.

Howard Lisk and Sons incorporated in 1976 to become Howard Lisk, Inc. In 1978, Jerry Lisk, the youngest of the three brothers, became a partner in Howard Lisk, Inc. The company has since moved from hauling concrete pipe to becoming one of the nation’s leading dry bulk carriers.

Howard Lisk, Inc. developed a reputation as a dependable and safe trucking company. The Company depends on quality personnel to maintain the high standards that are needed to meet the challenges of today’s business world.

In 2004 the company name was changed to Lisk Trucking, Inc. upon the retirement of Howard Lisk Sr. and is still owned and operated by the Lisk family to this day. Lisk Trucking, Inc.'s service and repair facility is located at 6975 NC 742N in Wadesboro, North Carolina. The complex is 28,000 square feet with eight bays to service and repair equipment as well as 5500 square feet of office space. The company at present operates over 300+ tractors and trailers moving dry bulk products throughout the 48 states and Canada. Lisk Trucking’s number one priority is to provide its customers with safe, dependable and cost efficient transportation. The diligence and dedication of the Lisk family, office personnel, maintenance dept., washout facility, and the Lisk Sand division along with the professionalism of its company trained drivers allow for the achievement of this goal.

Throughout all the changes in the United States economy, as well as the passing of Howard Lisk Jr., on July 9th 2010 at the age of 62 and Jerry Lisk on June 3rd 2011 at the age of 55, Lisk Trucking, Inc. continues to move forward in their spirit with Bruce Lisk assuming control of the daily operations of the company and will continue to meet and exceeded the customer’s expectations in the dry bulk industry.

Lisk Trucking, Inc. looks forward to the years ahead, its challenges and its opportunities for growth as one of the nations leading dry bulk carriers.